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Agriculture Extension Activities

We conduct agricultural extension activities such as awareness campaigns, technical assistance, compliance and traceability checks. All these activities are very important for overall growth of farmers and industry. 
Awareness Campaigns

Pesticide Use Awareness: We are providing specially designed technical pamphlets as per EU standards spreading awareness to use safe chemicals among partners as well as general farmers.

Technology Awareness: In U.P. farmers are using old sparer which is not effective for controlled of heavy attack of pests. We are providing demos on new powered sparer and tractor sparer.

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Compliance Checks

We follow a multi-level process to ensure paddy compliance. We test 100% of the projected paddy from farmers' doors by merging them into groups. We also check paddy stack-wise on arrival at our factory or warehouse.


We have created a ‘Paddy Passport’ for farmers to keep a record of all data related to farming activities such as amount of pesticide used, date etc. This ‘Paddy Passport’ allows for better traceability and improves the quality

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