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Contract Farming

  • To achieve our main motive, which is to produce EU-compliant paddy for export purposes, since 2017, we had been working with 900 farmers over 5,000 acres in one district.​
  • Now, we have directly contracted 3,000 farmers who have a combined land of 12,000 acres for contract farming spread over three districts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • We have sold 20 metric tons of seeds that we procured from BEDF and other high-quality manufacturers to contracted as well as non-contracted farmers. The seed was sold at cost price.
  • All our work is done with support from Bayer India.

Our Contract Farming Terms

Pesticides Assistance

Pesticides needed by the farmer for the whole crop will be provided at the cost price all at once in the beginning of the crop season. Cost of the pesticide will be adjusted at time of procurement (no interest charged).

Generous Payment Structure

We have made a commitment of a bonus of Rs. 1,000 per metric ton on prevailing market price. At the same time, we have guaranteed an MSP of Rs. 23,000 per metric ton. Procurement will be done at whatever price is higher and full payment will be deposited in the farmer’s account within 72 hours after procurement.

Free Technical Support

Qualified agricultural experts will provide technical support to each farmer during the whole crop season.

Flexible Terms

Farmer is free to exit from the contract at any stage by refunding cost of pesticides. 

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